Help, Help, I'm Being Repressed!

Mike | Sunday, October 28, 2007 1 Comment
Ok, not really, but I didn't know what else to put in the title space. Lately it has been semi-busy with school and all that stuff, but I've still had plenty of time for play. Right now I should either be writing an newspaper article or working on my script for Production class, but instead I'm right here. Ha, take that educators of upper-level learning! Anywho, like I said I've been trying to work moderately hard this semester so I can attain decent grades, but without leaving out friends and gaming and all that good stuff.

I've been going back and re-playing some older NES games; right now I find myself back at Chrono Trigger (Frog: Thou hast stolen mine macaroni and cheese!). I'm also playing Median in a friendly little Unholy vs. Holy Paladin tournament. I'm on the holy side, and it has given me a chance to play a character other than barbarian.

School-wise, nothing much is going on other than the usual assignments here and there. I have my Newswriting midterm on Tuesday, so I should probably study for that at some point...over in Production class we are still working both on photography and our individual productions we need to make (mine is on college dorm microwave cooking; script due tomorrow)...meanwhile the English side is more lax. We're basically just reading Equus in Drama Lit, and trying to think of research paper topics...and in Creative Writing, we're just writing stuff (we did sonnets last week and fixing them up for next week, he told me to just write a new one since I guess I got the hang of iambic pentameter).

So yeh, guess that's it for to go read up on how the whole grad school process works; peace.

Post-Bday Post

Mike | Monday, October 22, 2007 9 Comments
Hey all, I'm just making a quick post here. Yesterday was my birthday, and it was fun and good times, yupp. Not only was it my birthday; it was my 21st. Yikes.

I'm not the drinker type, but I did have a drink with dinner just out of tradition sakes. Yes, it was some kind of drink that had fruit and alcohol (I think some kind of Bacardi or some kinda rum). I realize one could call me a girl because it had fruit and alcohol, but I didn't want something that would taste nasty or whatever.

After dinner I had a movie date with my gf (we watched Airplane because she got it for me and it is a great movie). Also, I got a new digital camera from my parents, and a voice recorder from my sister (I write for my college paper so it helps with interviews). Also a cookie cake, so I have something to eat while writing papers at 2 in the morning. 'Twas a good day overall, and now I'm legal funnn.

Anyways, now it's 364.25 days til my birthday, or something like that. Start the countdown... =P

Peace out all; lates.


Mike | Wednesday, October 10, 2007 1 Comment
Hey bloggie, what's up? Looks like it has been awhile once again since I've posted anything. I'm actually on my fall break now, but I'm still at school. I must want to learn that much, eh? Nah, I'm just waiting in the Blue Bean for my sis to pick me up. nothing much going on.

I took a Com Production exam today; it wasn't too bad (I actually did study, w o w) and I ended up first getting an 80% on it, which the professor said was very good for this test (must be because either first test and whatnot to get used to the style, or maybe it was the content - photography stuff and some production process stuff). I tried to contest one question via email, but I was shot down. However, I was happier after he curved the tests, and I got an 89 so I'm happy with that.

Creative Writing was shortened today so we could all skip our merry ways off to break. That class was pretty good; I enjoy creative writing, it's a refreshing break from Professional Writing. It's basically poetry, so I get to write a bunch of odd poems, and not understand the deep metaphorical stuff of real poetry.

Anywho, not too much gaming; just Median 2008 and FFR basically. It's good times. College is going well; I'm actually working pretty well. I'm doing a bit more newspaper-related stuff because I am still a Staff Writer (Campus Life), and now this semester I am taking an Applied Communications course working with the newspaper so they shuffle me around the different sections and I get to write for them. Last week I wrote for News, and I am writing for News once again for the paper next week.

Just remembered, my birthday is in 10 days! I'll be 21, wohoo (although I don't drink so whatev it's just another year, but still saying you're 21 sounds so much older than saying you're 20).

Well, I don't think I really have anything else to say, so I guess I'll head off - only about a half hour til my sis should be here, yay! I can't wait to see my dogs when I get home, and be able to sleep in. Woot.

Peace out y'all.