Sanity Overruled

Mike | Wednesday, June 11, 2008 1 Comment
So it's summer (but not really summer 'til like 10 days), and things are going ok for now. This past weekend was fun, cause I went to visit Stacey as part of a regular visit and in celebration for her 21st that just occured yesterday. Now we can get sloppy drunk and go gambling in the casinos together, wahoo! The only complication in that is the fact that we don't drink nor gamble, so we'll just have to make a few adjustments in that plan.

I'm not sure if it's lingering allergies or something else, but my nose and eyes have been bothering me, attempting to cause a breakdown of my moral character and create a hellspawn shadow of my past, haunting my daily suspicions that live in Summerdale and slay vampiric figures with Buffy. See, it's happening already!

Sadly, I have been taking a little break from Youtube just because. Maybe it's nothing more than apathy, but I was on it a lot during the school year, so I'm just taking a step back. I did come on and watch many of the videos from the 678 Midwest Gathering this past weekend, which were all great and seemed like people had a lot of fun. Hopefully I'll make a video sometime soon, just so it doesn't look like I'm completely out of the loop. I think I learned to keep away from doing vlogs as much as possible, as they don't tend to be desirable to watch or listen.

In the gaming world, I am playing a couple of different ones. On the SNES, I am once again playing Lufia II (Rise of the Sinistrals). I found out that if you beat it, you can choose to replay the game, getting 4x the experience and gold (beating it that way will unlock the option to take any 4 characters in the game into the Ancient Tunnels). I've also been playing some Earthbound, a very quirky and enjoyable RPG starring everyone's favorite bat-wielding PSI-blasting hero, Ness. I'm not too far in because of the powerleveling and powergolding on Lufia II.

At one point, I was playing a couple of different Dreamcast games, such as the Sonic Adventure series, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, and my favorite, Vigilante 8: Second Offense (which pays an homage to the Interstate 76 game on the PC - cars and weapons). I am also playing a couple of different PC games, namely the alpha version of Median XL (Diablo 2 mod) and FlashFlashRevolution (4th Official Tourney brought me back in). For anyone interested in Diablo 2, a little birdie (aka the Internet) told me a new ladder season is starting June 17.

Anyways, I don't really have anything else to say. Hopefully I'll actually get a life [read: job] soon enough, but for now I'll sit on my unemployed butt and enjoy sleeping in/waking up late. After all, that's why summer was invented, right?