Thank you, NBI 2015!

Zyngor | Friday, June 05, 2015 4 Comments

I just wanted to write a lil 'ol thank you to those involved in putting the Newbie Blogger Initiative together, as well as my fellow bloggers who took a part in both advising and initiating with me.

Now technically, I've had this blog for quite awhile - 2007 to be specific. It seems I used to use it more like a personal journal, which is a completely legitimate purpose for such a tool. However, one of the reasons I decided to join the NBI this year as a "newbie" is due to the "wayward" nature I had been taking my blog. Over time, I guess I figured there just wasn't much to say (at least in blog form), so Pleasant Gamer just sat there - always pleasantly, of course.

Then Belghast issued a challenge last August, fittingly named Blaugust. Essentially, we were to do as Belghast do on a regular basis - daily blogging. This was a complete 360 on my blogging style, though my month was dry of other activities, so I took it on. Making it successfully through that month was my toughest blogging activity to date, and it was certainly quite the accomplishment (for me, at least).

Between Blaugust and NBI2015, I had a couple of posts here and there, but the effort was way down. This was my main reason for taking part in this year's NBI, and while my posts weren't of the same quantity as Blaugst, I think the fact of merely blogging was a good time nonetheless.

Special props to the individuals who brought up the Talkback Challenge prompts, including Jaedia and Joseph Skyrim. Also, major thanks to the lovable Murf for all the hard work he has put into the other major challenge during NBI2015 - the Screenshot Safari! Voting is currently up for all the screenshots, so make sure you get your picks in!

Also, congratulations to all winners of the various NBI2015 newbie awards!

Lair of the Wolf Dragon - Adventurer's Staff (descriptive writing, likely a Dragonborn)
Tyrannodorkus - Good Monicker (that name, tho!)
Gamer Girl Confessions - The Epic Bard (extremely creative alert!)
Randark's Review - Frontline Champ (IGN says 10/10 blog)

Don't worry if you didn't snag an award - you're a champ just for blogging in the first place! Like the badge says, we've all been inspired in some form to start blogging, and events like these help to meet and form new friendships with all sorts of different Internet humanoids are a boon to keep that drive going.

I also enjoyed reading several of the blog posts by advisers, which included various blogging tips and whatnot. I was expecting to be woken up at 4AM to be sprayed with seltzer water and feathered during the Newbie Blogger Initiative. In the end, I was glad to see such a warm and friendly community to truly help new (and wayward bloggers such as myself) develop their writing.

Well done to all my fellow Initiates of the NBI class of 2015!