Contracted into Slavedom...

Mike | Sunday, September 27, 2009 35 Comments
*Grumble grumble can't believe he caught me*

Hello there Internets world, I was just moping over how my rabbit, Renny, caught me pink-footed. Yes, he took a snapshot in the rare time that I was wearing my pig slippers:

Needless to say, he has blackmailed me to transcribe his thoughts for his own blog here. It will be an ongoing "blogject" (dunno if that's real, but it's all virtual so who cares) that will include plenty of pictures and thoughts of Renny doing the many things he enjoys doing. Something about taking over the human race and making all species equal, I don't know. He's a nutball.

Anyways, everything is fine on this end. It's getting a little cooler, almost finally seems like summer is over and fall shall soon befell us.

Once again, you can check out Renny's blog here: Please leave comments here or there if there is something you want Renny to talk about, he's a blabbermouth. Peace.