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Zyngor | Thursday, August 07, 2014
Well, it's Day 7 of week in! Yep - still going at at, sorry to disappoint. It's been pretty enjoyable so far, especially when I get to knock out all the tabs I inevitably open (and then head over to the Anook and check out the postings, ultimately going crazy with the tabs once more). I think it was two or so weeks ago when I first saw the mention of Blaugust on Twitter. At that point, it was more or less an interesting read, but I doubted I'd actually go and whip my blog back into a somewhat stable shape and start posting daily.

Then again, I should be writing more. My educational years certainly did its best to instill that in me, paper after paper after paper. Whether it was an old-school five-paragraph essay on a scientific doodad, or a whimsical heaving of poetic phrases, I've had my fair share of tweaking the margins to extend my Times New Roman blabberings as far down the page as possible.

I'm not going to lie. I'm a bit of a procrastinator. It's 9:20PM, and I'm still slogging through this post. When it came to a school assignment, my level of motivation generally started off pretty lackluster, and would suddenly shoot through the roof at the last minute (due to necessity of completion, naturally). My circadian rhythms still weep at the number of all-nighters I have needed to do, though I'm sure the caffeinated soft drink companies are pleased.

Anyways, my reason for choosing to take up the Blaugust challenge (which I made on the first day) probably came simply from reading others who decided to take up this writing gauntlet. At that point, I figured it'd be a set of baby steps that I could take to make it through the whole month. Precisely, 31 baby steps. I know not every post is going to be quality (take this one, for example), but I figure writing is writing. It has broken a composition lull I've had for quite awhile, and perhaps the month will inspire me enough to do other form of writing on a more frequent basis (hopefully at least keep up on the blog more often).

Oh, and even if you aren't writing for Blaugust, it doesn't mean you can't check out the awesome blogs involved!

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