Photoshoop Da Woop!

Mike | Saturday, March 29, 2008 5 Comments
Ben over at his blog has challenged anybody to a game of "The First Whenever-We-Feel-Like Photo Shoot Remake Challenge!!!" Basically, recreate the poses he set up for us. Here are my results...go check out his blog for the original poses.

So yeh, scary stuff, eh? But what can I do, those robots mean serious business. Peace.

P.S. I put up a new Plinko game over on the right, you know you wanna try it out. =D

This is a Gentil Tale for the Nones...

Mike | Wednesday, March 26, 2008 1 Comment
As I finish off this 2-pound tub of Stauffer's Whales (which are awesome by the way, possibly tastier than Goldfish - without the variety), I'm watching Top Chef for a second time because I'm cool like that. I should be reading this Audio crap for class, alas it is a bit too technical for my literary palette. I also need to try and nab some news I can read on my radio show tomorrow morning - woop-e-de-doo.

Today I didn't do too much, other than Chaucer and Graphics class. Chaucer is not exactly my prime subject, so sometimes I just sit there during class discussions and listen to my peers discuss fun stuff. Oh well. However, Graphics was a hoot today! Omg we got to watch a documentary on the typeface, Helvetica. I never knew how popular and versatile this font really is. It's the kind of thing we don't really notice as much in the public, but if it wasn't there, we would definately miss it. On the computer, the clone of this would be Arial (although it seems like much of the Helvetica used would closer match specifically Arial Black).

Later, I actually went to the library and filmed some footage in which I plan to do a short little video to the theme of Reading Rainbow for YT. I don't know how this'll turn out because I actually went to the studio later to record my voice. Eeep, bring out the yellow police tape! Anyways, I also wanted to test saving my video in a different format that I saw mentioned in an smpfilms vid, which may possibly improve quality (or may not even make a difference...we'll see).

Hmm, anything else to say? Methinks not. YT seems to be going through more maintenance, whee for them. Hope they are fixing some things up, because they seem to have more frequent maintenance thingies lately. I may start to slow down on the Internet craze to join every single site out there...maybe just one more... =)

Poem - "3:12"

Mike | Tuesday, March 25, 2008 0 Comments

It's 3:12 on 3/12, I should be asleep,
Nowhere on campus do I hear a single peep.
My cellphone light shimmers a glow upon the page,
As I scribble a poem with my mind engaged.

I'm not really thinking of a single subject matter,
Whether it's food, technology, or walking under a ladder.
I shuffle around, my arm became numb,
It's stick of this night owl I have become.

I think of the stuff I'll do tomorrow,
Perhaps don a cape and turn into Zorro.
I hope the Caf offers a tasty dinner,
Chicken sandwiches, mac & cheese, they'd all be a winner.

My other arm gives in, I turn on my tummy,
Sheets wrapped up, I'm a contemporary mummy.
Peering around the room, I'm a late-night funster,
Also beware of the evil boogy monster.

It's 3:29, and my mind switches to dead,
I quietly place my notebook underneath my bed.
Plopping back up, my body in a heap,
I close my eyes, and quickly fall

© 2008 Mike
Yeh, I wrote this awhile ago (3/12), but figured I'd post it to show how I can get desperate for rhymes. I sniff 'em out, and tack them on the end. Rhyming is made of awesome, and I really like children's poets who do it, such as Shel Silverstein. Check him out. Lates.

Post-Easter; Resurrect Me Plzx?

Mike | Tuesday, March 25, 2008 0 Comments
So whee, I'm back from the Easter break (aka 4-day weekend), and I havn't really been online much over the break, which means I probably have a lot to catch up on a couple (aka bunch) of different websites - wohoo for that. The beginning of April will also be filled with joyous frivolity of chaos; I have at least 3 formal events I'll need to attend between the 5th and the 8th, plus I have a couple of other things here and there to take care of in the first half of that month. Oy. I don't think this week should be too bad, which may give me a chance to catch up on some online stuff.

So yeh, since I saw a bunch of others doing it, I took my reach to yet another website; this time Twitter. This basically seems like an extension of the Facebook status, so who knows how much I'll actually remember to update the darned thing. Oh well, feel free to check it out or whatever.

Game-wise, I really havn't been doing much that I remember. I've been playing some around in a different world in Well of Souls, called Athelias. I don't know too much yet, but I think it is supposed to be tougher than some of the other worlds I have played before, and I thought it said somewhere how some of the models in this world are taken from the game, Gunbound (I might have the wrong title, I forget). I have also seen a couple of items that seem to come from Diablo 2, so for example (*warning, nerd comment*), I chuckle when I see the portrait of an Eld Rune is pricier than the portrait of a Jah. Oh, is that why I don't have a life?....

So yeh, nothing much is happening currently, but things will pick up come April. Gee, I wish some of it was just fools...

When it Pours, So Do I...

Mike | Thursday, March 20, 2008 0 Comments
"Batteries Not Included"

Scintillating sparks shoot from above,
A jagged yellow bolt rips the sky in two.
Wind Howling, an attentive dark-haired beagle
Sitting at the windowsill, spotting a stray ill-tempered kitten.
Hail stings the flesh of unfortunate targets.
These icy pebbles combine to create cataclysmic confusion.

The elements work in accordance to plunge civilization into darkness,
Snagging the life support of humanity ... electricity.
Wires tumble to the ground like young infants,
Crying out sparks of emotional discordance.

Inside, they sit in silence.
Heavy-duty flashlight in right hand, cellphone in left.
The hours pass, and the AA batteries take a toll for the worse,
The shine turns to afade, a memory of light being forgotten.
In their final breath, these alkaline creations glimpse
A world devoid of their steeligh captivity.
They cheer for the elements, a bittersweet vengeance.

© 2008 Mike


Wow, did I really just write a poem involving batteries. Deep...yeh. So today was a pretty rainy day, and that was something I just had in a notebook that I guess I felt like sharing. Some days I just feel in the poetic mood, and I guess I have a thing for creativity. Usually I don't write really serious or deep poems, and I have a thing for rhyming. So yeh, this was at least partially going against what I usually do. It seems I usually end up writing about some normal thing and either twist it some or just talk about it. I'll have to share some more poetry later on.

Music listened to while doing this post: "The Games We Played" by Torley. Basically, this song is a 17-minute piano tribute to many classic video games. You can probably find it somewhere online, but I don't have a link on my at the current moment.

Well, I don't have anything else for today; just wanted to share that poem. Take care.

Spaced-Out Tuesday

Mike | Wednesday, March 19, 2008 0 Comments
Hey guys, today I didn't have any classes because my Audio class was cancelled, and I only have one class on T/H, suckas! So yeh, I did have advising earlier, but after that I don't even really know where the day went. Now it's just aobut 2am (Wed morning) and I should get to bed soon cause I can't tell you how much I am excited to wake up for a Chaucer quiz tomorrow, wheeee!

In the land of computers, I did a couple of things today. First, I did make a new Youtube vid, "20 Ways to View a Post-It" (idea for the video taken by a YT friend). So yeh, enthralling...riiiiight. Tonight, I also made a Stickam account because I see a bunch Youtubers doing this, and maybe one day I'll actually use the thingy and chat with people or whatever, because I havn't done much taking with them outside Youtube. Feel free to friend me, although I'll warn you I can really only use the regular typing chat; sadly I don't use a webcam.

Well, I really don't have anything else to say today...maybe I'll share some poetry sometime if I get around to it. Until then, take care, and peace out.


Mike | Monday, March 17, 2008 0 Comments
Omgeez, it's an update...and look at that, first post of 2008. I actually don't think I have much to say, because I am just so cool like that. It's been a pretty quick school year so far, traveling pretty quickly, and I'll be done my junior year come May or whenever. After that, it's another summer (when I plan to do a lot of stuff but get about 10% of it actually done), then it's my senior year here at Etown. Wow, who saw that one coming? College zooms by quicker than anything else.

I'm still working on scheduling for classes next semester; so far I have the Rhetoric Theory class I have to take for Pro Writing, a digital media convergence class (I think I do like website work and whatnot, fun), and Script and Screenwriting (good for both my minors - comm and creative writing, should I pick up the latter of a minor). So I'll still need one class, and also figure out what I want to be doing during senior spring semester. Whee.

Game-wise, I've been doing a couple of things here and there, mostly cheap/free/stuff I have because I'm "thrifty" like that. This means some emulators here and there, Diablo 2/Starcraft, and this free and cheap-looking RPG I've been playing some called Well of Souls. If you look beyond the extremely cheesy graphics, underneath is a pretty decent RPG game. You can check out the site at, and one cool part about the game is that you can download other user-created worlds and play them. It's like a whole new game for each! There is also an option to play on some kind of TC/IP server or something created by the makers. While this game dates back to like 2000 or something, there still seems to be support for some online play (note: not many players that I noticed, but eh). I still just play single player because I am more used to this in my personal gaming experiences.

Well, I always say I'll keep updating the blog, but half the time I seem to lie, but whatever. I may or not keep on updating this, but I will try to do it a tad more often. I have also made a blog over at Wordpress that I use for my graphics course this semester (we use Adobe CS3 Illustrator and In-Design) - Feel free to check it out if you wish, but a lot of times the posts and images are usually work in progress. Well, until next time, take care everyone, and keep gaming on. =)