Random Thoughts on a Random Game

Zyngor | Wednesday, August 13, 2014
I am out of town visiting family this week, and as such my posts will probably be fairly short. I'll do my best to continue my daily schedule, but if I goof, I goof. I wasn't really sure how far I'd be able to go this month before forgetting to do a post one day or something, but it's been fun to keep up, and am happy just to be doing some form of writing on a regular basis again.

Anyways, visiting family here means one thing - I am currently tasked with seeing how much Candy Crush progress I can make for my grandmother. Of course, she is about 150 levels further than me on my own account, so at least I'm getting a good preview of what I'll be facing down the road (some levels of which I'm not looking forward to).

One of the things I'm not so hot about when it comes to Candy Crush is the random factor. While the starting level design is the same, the colors are all seemingly randomized. I understand that it's good design to make it this way for replay value (not to mention premium in-game purchases), but boy can it make some levels really frustrating. The moment you need just one more yellow piece is when they seem to run off into the sunset.

Perhaps this is why I sometimes enjoy playing Criminal Case, an item-search game on Facebook. Games like these rely on memory to be able to quickly recall where each item is located. Sure it'll take awhile to learn a scene, but the pieces won't be randomly placed on the board.

Maybe I just like being familiar with my gaming environments. Just like with LOTRO and other MMO titles, I enjoy learning the landscape, and exactly where my objectives may be located. Random factors are great to let the user replay with a fresh experience, but can be a pain in the rear if you are attempting to master a game. I suppose I'll always be learning something new with Candy Crush...at least until I lose it and these bombs and chocolates turn my brain into Skittles.

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