My 2017 LOTRO Goals

Zyngor | Tuesday, December 05, 2017 1 Comment
For several years now, I have been listening to the LOTRO Academy podcast. They hold an annual episode talking about their LOTRO goals for the upcoming year (as well as looking back at the prior year). Once again, I have set myself up with several goals, and will use this personal space to assist in keeping track of 'em.

2017 goals:

1) Reach 105 on at least three current non-capped characters (likely a burg, a warden, and…someone else).

Progress: (2/3) Burglar, Warden, 

2) Reach level…uh, 65 on Beorning (currently 35). Reach, say, 85 on Captain (currently 65).

Progress: (1/2) Beorning, 

3) Reach level 40 on my challenge dwarf champion (currently 34…no questing allowed, can only gain experience through enemy kills & very minor prospecting/forestry crafting just to rank up those ’cause I’m out there anyways)

Progress: DONE (40/40)

4) Do all the available (soloable?) epic content I can on another character, of any level (probably my guardian?), cause I’ve only honestly ever done it once (or close enough to once).


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