Blog Libs

Zyngor | Saturday, August 09, 2014
Have you ever tried to blog, but nothing was coming out of the 'ol tank? Don't abandon your blog due to stale creative juices - simply go down to your nearest convenience store and pick up a helping of Blog Libs™! This revolutionary product will turn ordinary words into an exciting journey, of which you never could have imagined even possibly accurate! 

How does it work, you say? Why, it's simpler than dropping toast butter-side down! You are prompted with choosing a helping of words based upon parts of speech. After making your selection, correspond these words to our framework story. Our proprietary Blank Underline System™ (BUS) will take care of the rest, and your audience will be astounded by your wondrous adventure.

 Don't believe us? We invite you to take a test drive right here, right now. Below is one of our many Blog Libs™. Fill in the prompts, match up the numbers, and get ready for a wild ride. Our Blog Libs™ retain for only $3.99 per booklet, which include enough outlines for a week of mindless blogging. Enjoy! 


1- __________ (current day of week)              12- __________ (color)
2- __________ (mood)                                     13- __________ (food)
3- __________ (location, out of house)            14- __________ (adjective)
4- __________ (occupation)                           15- __________ (movie)
5- __________ (noun, pl.)                               16- __________ (adjective)
6- __________ (adjective)                               17- __________ (article of clothing)
7- __________ (number)                                  18- __________ (verb)
8- __________ (noun)                                       19- __________ (noun)
9- __________ (verb)                                         20- __________ (TV show)
10- __________ (restaurant, non-fast food)       21- __________ (verb, + "ing")
11- __________ (adjective)                                  22- __________ (noun, pl.)

Happy ____(1)_____! Today I woke up, feeling _____(2)_____, so I decided to go to the _____(3)_____. On my way, a _____(4)_____ stopped me and told me that my _____(5)_____ were _____(6)_____. When I got to the ___(same as 3)___, I noticed _____(7)_____ _____(8)_____ laying on the ground, which made me _____(9)_____.

Afterwards, I felt a little hungry, so I went to _____(10)_____. The waitress, who was wearing a _____(11)_____ _____(12)_____ dress, asked me what I'd like. I ended up ordering a _____(13)_____. Boy, tht was a _____(14)_____ meal! I then decided to go to the movies. I saw _____(15)_____ was showing, and heard it was pretty good. What a _____(16)_____ film! The main character wore a _____(17)_____, and kept on saying, "_____(18)_____ my _____(19)_____!"

It was getting pretty late at that point, so I decided to head on home. I think I'll catch an episode of _____(20)_____ before nodding off to sleep. I got to remember to go _____(21)_____ tomorrow. Well, good night - don't let the _____(22)_____ bite! 


Feel free to share your completed story below, or use for your own day that you really just need a filler post! I really just couldn't think of a proper topic for today, so I figured a spot of something creative would do just fine. As always, check out all of the great Blaugust posts!


  1. This is a really good idea for when writer's block hits :) just writing and being productive is a good thing to get out of a rut

    1. Thanks! I certainly don't mind doing silly stuff like this - certainly easier for me than trying to voice an opinion. Cheers!