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Zyngor | Sunday, August 24, 2014
Well, it's a fairly lazy Sunday, so no set topic for today. I did wake up with a dragon carcass at my side...or should I say a paused Skyrim with a slain dragon laying pathetically on the screen. It still has not gotten old taking these and other creatures of the north out...not to mention the plethora of bandits just lining up to receive an arrow to the kne...head. Eventually I would like to delve a bit into modding my experience - the only mod I picked up and have been using was SkyUI, which aims at making the UI much more resourceful and easier to manage. Who knows, maybe Randy Savage does know Dovahzul!

I was playing around with StrangeClimber last night, and finally made my way up a tower (after plenty of trial and error). There was no flag or "finish line" that I saw, so it seems that (at least in its current developed form) this game is all about the journey, and not necessarily the finish. On a couple other maps, I was noticing those same issues making a full jump (that I had mentioned in my review) were occurring more frequently the higher I got. This seemingly halted what could have been a full scaling once or twice, though perhaps this is an intended mechanic to add challenge to the final section? On the bright side, the procedurally-genererated levels make it a fun experience each time. Also, what I thought would be a repetitive soundtrack has happily been a soothing listen since I started.

Not so Big anymore, eh Daddy?
As I generally start many of my first-time playthroughs of games on a fairly low difficulty setting, I decided that I may go and re-play some games on a more challenging mode. I figure this'll give me a chance to get that fresh feel of a game, without having to go out & buy a new title. First game on the list? Bioshock. This game was a really cool experience, because it not only has pretty neat shooter & character development mechanics (plasmid hype!), but the environment was pretty jaw-dropping on my first playthrough. When I reached those tunnels that connect buildings, you really got a good glimpse of Rapture, and what happened to this once-rich utopia. or harvest the Little Sisters? ;)

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...a whale?

Anyways, I'll wrap it up there. Hope you all have a great Sunday...anyone want to come and mow my lawn?

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