Couch Potato Mode Engaged!

Zyngor | Monday, August 04, 2014
In the ripe 'ol past, summer television was not all that hyped. Back them, people used to go outside and do this activity called "exercising" (it's like playing with the Wii, but real life). Sure, there'd be the occasional sit-down to catch the latest episode of Guts or Legends of the Hidden Temple (where in the world is that last  blasted piece in the Shrine of the Silver Monkey?), but there was also a fine share of rollerblading, discotheques, and chasing the ice cream truck down the block.

These days, we apparently require a bit more BOOM and PIZZAZZ in our summer digital programming. You don't have time to go out and shoot some hoops - can't miss Michael EXPLOSIONS Bay or another copy/pasted cop drama!

Now that I have ragged on summer TV, it's time to awkwardly transition to a bit of what I've been watching these past few months. *deflects hypocrite bullets* Really, I don't think I watch that much in the summer. Most are shows that have been running for awhile, and aren't just another summer primetime game show to fill the slot.

Mark Feuerstein as Dr. Hank
Royal Pains (USA) - This is more out of obligation that I have been watching the show from the start. As of late, I have not been as into the series, but will continue to watch this show til the end. I think I may have preferred the period of the show when the characters were transitioning and getting a taste of what high class concierge medicine entails. Now that they've settled in, several of the later episodes seem to repeat a more familiar pattern. Still, a great cast, and I look forward to see how the larger story arcs progress.

Falling Skies (TNT) - Here is another series I have watched since the beginning. When a talented and diverse group of actors do battle against an alien invasion, you know it's gunna be a good time. What I really like about this show is that it seems to have some tasty morsels for multiple audiences. It has it's action/CGI sequences, but then some of the dialogue scenes really stand out - especially when they are talking about family (not on just a biological level). For a series involving aliens, it is also fairly straightforward - not quite as weird as some others (take Extant or Under the Dome, for example). Sure the latest season may be a bit more out there (hybrid?), but I feel the writing and action leads the audience quite nicely.

Under the Dome (CBS) - I'll admit it - this series is pretty weird. What started out as a pretty solid obstacle - a giant dome - has turned into a thrilling drama that has made all of the town's residents wonder exactly what everything means. What exactly is this dome? Who, or what, dropped it on us? What must be done to survive, and hopefully get out of this giant fish bowl? I'll admit I have not read the book, though I understand there are certain divergents that have been made, likely to make this a more entertaining series (as would be the case with any book-to-TV franchise). While I'm still interested in Under the Dome, I'm a bit Over the Cliffhangers. Once again, a great cast of characters, of all ages.

Duck Dynasty (A&E) - This one is just plain fun. Regardless of any scripted embellishments, many series that involve the southern "redneck" culture are good for a quick laugh (and work great as reruns). Various networks see how good ratings can be when you get an "unscripted" series, starring a cast of...unique characters. From nature channels like Discovery and Animal Planet (Moonshiners, Hillbilly Handfishin') to whatever Honey Boo Boo is, it's certainly a craze these days. Enter the Duck Commander, a Louisiana-based duck call/hunting company that went from modest beginnings to a multi-million dollar company and TV series. Duck Dynasty has wacky characters, often-bizarre plots (especially when Uncle Si is involved), inane dialogue, and still manages to wrap it all with a nice rich family bowtie.

There may be some others I occasionally watch, and then there's always Jeopardy to make myself feel even more like an idiot. All in all, they do their best to turn the hype volume up to 11, and get people even more psyched for the next phase - fall programming!

What, if any, summer shows do you watch? Feel free to share in the comments below!


  1. This summer I'm catching up on Game of Thrones and Parks and Recreation, currently. But I have a long list of things to watch after that once we get through them - The Walking Dead (but I need to rewatch Seasons 1 and 2), New Girl, Mindy Project (again rewatching older seasons).

    Under The Dome is weird! We watched it at the end of last year / beginning of this (whenever it was on the telly) and it is a good watch but very dramatic. My concern is that they don't drag it on over a lot of series - very interesting characters and situation but it's one of those where it will be difficult to introduce new people and at some point I feel they may just all kill each other haha!

    1. I'm probably one of the few out there that has not read or watched any of the Thrones series. Weird, cause I probably think I'd like it - maybe I'll have to binge on it one day.

  2. I quite enjoy Falling Skies :-) Don't like The Dome much tho, don't know why. It's just weird I guess.
    I love the Hannibal show, and Hemlock Grove :) Vamps and Warewolfes, they are quite different then they normally are, at least the vampires. Not like your normal vampire show/movies.

    Oh and I started watching House of Cars, only seen 3 episodes, but so far it seems brilliant. The lead man, is just absolutely awesome. ( Kevin Spacey)

    1. House of Cards obviously, house of cars sounds really boring :P

    2. You may have inadvertently created a new series right there! An animated series with the cast as cars. The father can be an old model Ford...mother a mini-van...daughter a Porsche...tree-hugging son a Prius. It'll be grand!