Newbie Blogger Initiative: Age of Run-On

Zyngor | Sunday, May 03, 2015
This stealth blogger creeps along swiftly, keeping the reticule on target. His bow is poised, arrows dipped in the appropriate toxin made 'specially for the intended target. His mind isn't even thinking about the mandatory chest at the end of the dungeon, though now that it's been mentioned, I think he only needs a couple more gems to make that overflowed urn in the homestead a deadly avalanche of wealth.

He is the wayward blogger, and his prey is the ubiquitous Newbie Blogger Initiative (NBI), a courageous group of accomplished and apprentice bloggers. Though this is a completely new beast for this lone hunter to tackle, he thinks that his legendary and almost again double maxed sense of Stealth can follow the NBI and perhaps do some ninja-like blogging of his own. Crouched, he approaches closer to the camp of bloggers, and reaches back to grab an arro....LYDIA! What are you doing here, go home. Yes, I know I know, honor to me. Get outta here...

Anywho, yes it has been awhile since I posted anything here. Then I saw the mention of the NBI starting up in May, and with the dizzying spell of the #Beleffect washing over the World Wide Web (it's a viral inFUNction, I heard), I figured perhaps I'd give it a shot, or at least pretend to play along on the sidelines.

As was the case with Blaugust, I'm not totally sure what to expect heading into this. I am not necessarily looking to promote my blog, but to rather experience the events as part of the NBI. To start off, I have decided to shorten my blog title from "The Life of a Pleasant Gamer" to simply "Pleasant Gamer" to embrace the brevity. If it works on Twitter, it's gotta work elsewhere!

The premise of my blog is pretty much the same. I am a non-competitive gamer with a low budget - if ramen noodles were an MMO, I'd probably be waiting until it went F2P to try it out. Though LOTRO has been my top MMMO of choice, I have lately been playing around with a bit more variety (and not necessarily "popular" titles). Basically, if they build it (and make it free), they will come...though Hello Kitty Online was a tough pill to swallow.

So to all participants of NBI - have fun! You should most definitely check out the Newbie Blogger Initiative (yes, we're still waiting for the Hulk to arrive...he said "ME HUNGRY" and was last seen at Cici's Pizza) and sign up as a newbie/mentor. If I can cobble together these words, you so can so you.

Sorry if this first post mentioning NBI is a couple days late - that real-life thing happened, causing a bit of a delay. I was told that deleting lifesystem32 would take care of the problem, so I'll give that a shot and call WebMD in the morning.


  1. Welcome to the NBI! I'm so happy you joined because I just discovered your blog. It looks awesome, and it sounds like you enjoy the same sorts of games I do. Keep writing! :D

  2. OMG. I love your ending about the real-life fix. If that works, let me know! I need to get mine under control as well... Damn anti-virus program sub ended. LOL. (read: allergies suck!).

  3. Welcome !!! and that damn Bell affect. It's friggan everywhere

  4. I've appreciated our few interactions on Twitter. I definitely look forward to seeing a long-form version of your point of view.