When it Pours, So Do I...

Mike | Thursday, March 20, 2008
"Batteries Not Included"

Scintillating sparks shoot from above,
A jagged yellow bolt rips the sky in two.
Wind Howling, an attentive dark-haired beagle
Sitting at the windowsill, spotting a stray ill-tempered kitten.
Hail stings the flesh of unfortunate targets.
These icy pebbles combine to create cataclysmic confusion.

The elements work in accordance to plunge civilization into darkness,
Snagging the life support of humanity ... electricity.
Wires tumble to the ground like young infants,
Crying out sparks of emotional discordance.

Inside, they sit in silence.
Heavy-duty flashlight in right hand, cellphone in left.
The hours pass, and the AA batteries take a toll for the worse,
The shine turns to afade, a memory of light being forgotten.
In their final breath, these alkaline creations glimpse
A world devoid of their steeligh captivity.
They cheer for the elements, a bittersweet vengeance.

© 2008 Mike


Wow, did I really just write a poem involving batteries. Deep...yeh. So today was a pretty rainy day, and that was something I just had in a notebook that I guess I felt like sharing. Some days I just feel in the poetic mood, and I guess I have a thing for creativity. Usually I don't write really serious or deep poems, and I have a thing for rhyming. So yeh, this was at least partially going against what I usually do. It seems I usually end up writing about some normal thing and either twist it some or just talk about it. I'll have to share some more poetry later on.

Music listened to while doing this post: "The Games We Played" by Torley. Basically, this song is a 17-minute piano tribute to many classic video games. You can probably find it somewhere online, but I don't have a link on my at the current moment.

Well, I don't have anything else for today; just wanted to share that poem. Take care.

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