Mike | Monday, March 17, 2008
Omgeez, it's an update...and look at that, first post of 2008. I actually don't think I have much to say, because I am just so cool like that. It's been a pretty quick school year so far, traveling pretty quickly, and I'll be done my junior year come May or whenever. After that, it's another summer (when I plan to do a lot of stuff but get about 10% of it actually done), then it's my senior year here at Etown. Wow, who saw that one coming? College zooms by quicker than anything else.

I'm still working on scheduling for classes next semester; so far I have the Rhetoric Theory class I have to take for Pro Writing, a digital media convergence class (I think I do like website work and whatnot, fun), and Script and Screenwriting (good for both my minors - comm and creative writing, should I pick up the latter of a minor). So I'll still need one class, and also figure out what I want to be doing during senior spring semester. Whee.

Game-wise, I've been doing a couple of things here and there, mostly cheap/free/stuff I have because I'm "thrifty" like that. This means some emulators here and there, Diablo 2/Starcraft, and this free and cheap-looking RPG I've been playing some called Well of Souls. If you look beyond the extremely cheesy graphics, underneath is a pretty decent RPG game. You can check out the site at http://www.synthetic-reality.com/wosHome.htm, and one cool part about the game is that you can download other user-created worlds and play them. It's like a whole new game for each! There is also an option to play on some kind of TC/IP server or something created by the makers. While this game dates back to like 2000 or something, there still seems to be support for some online play (note: not many players that I noticed, but eh). I still just play single player because I am more used to this in my personal gaming experiences.

Well, I always say I'll keep updating the blog, but half the time I seem to lie, but whatever. I may or not keep on updating this, but I will try to do it a tad more often. I have also made a blog over at Wordpress that I use for my graphics course this semester (we use Adobe CS3 Illustrator and In-Design) - http://mossm.wordpress.com/. Feel free to check it out if you wish, but a lot of times the posts and images are usually work in progress. Well, until next time, take care everyone, and keep gaming on. =)

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