This is a Gentil Tale for the Nones...

Mike | Wednesday, March 26, 2008
As I finish off this 2-pound tub of Stauffer's Whales (which are awesome by the way, possibly tastier than Goldfish - without the variety), I'm watching Top Chef for a second time because I'm cool like that. I should be reading this Audio crap for class, alas it is a bit too technical for my literary palette. I also need to try and nab some news I can read on my radio show tomorrow morning - woop-e-de-doo.

Today I didn't do too much, other than Chaucer and Graphics class. Chaucer is not exactly my prime subject, so sometimes I just sit there during class discussions and listen to my peers discuss fun stuff. Oh well. However, Graphics was a hoot today! Omg we got to watch a documentary on the typeface, Helvetica. I never knew how popular and versatile this font really is. It's the kind of thing we don't really notice as much in the public, but if it wasn't there, we would definately miss it. On the computer, the clone of this would be Arial (although it seems like much of the Helvetica used would closer match specifically Arial Black).

Later, I actually went to the library and filmed some footage in which I plan to do a short little video to the theme of Reading Rainbow for YT. I don't know how this'll turn out because I actually went to the studio later to record my voice. Eeep, bring out the yellow police tape! Anyways, I also wanted to test saving my video in a different format that I saw mentioned in an smpfilms vid, which may possibly improve quality (or may not even make a difference...we'll see).

Hmm, anything else to say? Methinks not. YT seems to be going through more maintenance, whee for them. Hope they are fixing some things up, because they seem to have more frequent maintenance thingies lately. I may start to slow down on the Internet craze to join every single site out there...maybe just one more... =)

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  1. Whales are definitely tasiter than Goldfish. I'm glad we agree on something :)

    Mucho love,