Post-Easter; Resurrect Me Plzx?

Mike | Tuesday, March 25, 2008
So whee, I'm back from the Easter break (aka 4-day weekend), and I havn't really been online much over the break, which means I probably have a lot to catch up on a couple (aka bunch) of different websites - wohoo for that. The beginning of April will also be filled with joyous frivolity of chaos; I have at least 3 formal events I'll need to attend between the 5th and the 8th, plus I have a couple of other things here and there to take care of in the first half of that month. Oy. I don't think this week should be too bad, which may give me a chance to catch up on some online stuff.

So yeh, since I saw a bunch of others doing it, I took my reach to yet another website; this time Twitter. This basically seems like an extension of the Facebook status, so who knows how much I'll actually remember to update the darned thing. Oh well, feel free to check it out or whatever.

Game-wise, I really havn't been doing much that I remember. I've been playing some around in a different world in Well of Souls, called Athelias. I don't know too much yet, but I think it is supposed to be tougher than some of the other worlds I have played before, and I thought it said somewhere how some of the models in this world are taken from the game, Gunbound (I might have the wrong title, I forget). I have also seen a couple of items that seem to come from Diablo 2, so for example (*warning, nerd comment*), I chuckle when I see the portrait of an Eld Rune is pricier than the portrait of a Jah. Oh, is that why I don't have a life?....

So yeh, nothing much is happening currently, but things will pick up come April. Gee, I wish some of it was just fools...

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