Oh back to school...bts...to prove to dad I am not a fool...

Mike | Monday, August 27, 2007
Yes, it is 7am. And yes, I am awake. That only means one thing - college has once again started. I actually don't have class until 9, but I figured I should wake up early on the first day of classes and try to get in a more morning-ish scheddy. Alternating between M/T/W/H I have 9/8/9/8 in the morning. No Friday classes, woot! Another good thing is just this one class today, so it's a kind of way to ease into the Mondays.

We basically got our room set up yesterday, and it looks good to me. I am living in an upperclassmen dorm, so that's pretty sweet. One I put up some posters my side looked better to me because that's what seems to always make a difference.

The move-in yesterday wasn't too bad. I had tried bringing less stuff this year, and my Mom kept on saying, "You have practically nothing." Well, way to go me. I figured by junior year I should know kinda what I really don't need, and I should be fine on what I have. If worst comes to worst, I have some space for more, but I doubt I'd be bringing more stuff.

Anyyyyyways, I don't think I actually have anything else to say; sorry for the short blog post, but I knew I had to make one around the time that school started. I havn't done too much gaming lately because of coming back to school, but now that my schedule is different than summer, free time means I could be doing gaming. But I should also prolly somewhat have a life, so it won't be 20/7 gaming or anything.

The latest patch for Median (1.55) should be coming out sometime this week, so I guess I'd hit that up somewhat when the time comes. Maybe I'll play Silkroad Online a bit more now that I'm back at school. Of course, I can still go strong with FFR/Stepmania (T1 = faster downloading of song packs!). And lastly, I almost feel like replaying Terranigma; no idea why, it was just a pretty fun game overall.

Well, I guess this is it for today, blogeroo. Have a good one! Peace.

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