Back in Boredom

Mike | Monday, August 06, 2007
Ok, so that title was supposed to be some kind of reference to "Back in Black" (don't worry, no hating here, it's a great song). Anywho, it is around 3 weeks 'til I go back to Etown, but until then it has been pretty boring for the time being. I have been entertaining myself by kinda still unpacking stuff so I can then try and repack stuff for college. I think I wanna try and take a lot less stuff this year (you think by junior year I'd know what I need), but we'll see how things work out.

I havn't been doing an overwhelming amount of gaming (for me); mostly just some FFR (Flash Flash Revolution - online keyboard DDR'ing), and I am actually playing through that old school RPG I played (and reviewed) awhile back, Castle of the Winds. I am on the second of the 2 CoTW's, and this time I am kinda aiming more towards a melee character (last time I was kinda mostly a wizardess). It's a lot more fun than one would think at first glance (although there are flaws with the game of course, but then again there are flaws with every game). I had hoped for a third CoTW game, but there is none as far as I know. Oh well, still a good play second time around.

Hmm, so I don't think I have much else to say. Um.....I had Kraft Mac & Cheese for dinner if that's any incentive for me to end this blog post. It is? Thank you. Lata =)

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