Exercise to Burn that Gamer Fat Off...

Mike | Sunday, August 19, 2007
Well, I decided to go with my mom when she was went out to Ridley Creek State Park to walk five miles (she's in training for the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk), so I was up around 9:30 to do that. Yeh, I don't think my schedule had me ready to wake up at that hour, but I managed to heave myself outta bed and accompany her. It was nice out, and it wasn't all that bad. I'm still kinda tired now (but of course going to bed around 5 or 6am may be the fault of that). A nice soft sprinkle of rain even came along to cool us down.

Later that day, my family went to Philly to see my sister (my dad hadn't seen her place before). It was quite trafficky (whatever, I can spell it like that if I want) because of some work here, an accident there, and a Unity Day Festival near the Franklin Institute (all during a nice rainfall). It's a nice part of the city where she lives. Anywho, we ended up eating at a Chinese buffet back near where I live. I made sure to pile up the chicken (nice spicey Thai chicken!).

So yeh, I dunno if it'll be rainy for the next couple of days, but it rained a bunch today. We'll have to see. Man, I'm tired from this day of not being a total bum.


I guess a reason I am so tired is that I stayed up last night to finish Terranigma. I had talked about it in the last post, and you saw the interesting "box world" menu screen. I enjoyed the rest of the game, but there were points that I must have not totally been listening to the story because I got lost at some points. I'll letcha play it for yourself and see what you make out of it.

Well, I'm kinda tired right now, so I guess I'll just stop talking about the game since I prolly said enough last post. Overall, it's a very nice game and I think you should try it out, especially if you like playing games like Zelda. Take a look at the screenies and see if you wanna try it out (highest pic I'm about to destroy a lovely large cube, second I have no idea why I put in there [kissing, love announcements, and circle of doom about to swallow them], and the final is the final stage of the final boss in this game...finally)

Peace out, blog.


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