The Absence of the Wayward

Zyngor | Thursday, August 13, 2015
Love ya, Grandmom (1926-2015)
Well, welcome to Day 13 of Blaugust, though this is officially my 5th day of posting. I hope you have all been well, and I apologize for not keeping up with either posting or reading. Unfortunately, I had a passing in the family, and as such had other priorities surpass the demands of this blogging marathon. As was my original goal, I can still do my best to reach 15 posts, so I'm not upset for the inability to do this daily. This goal should still be fairly feasible, now that the immediate formalities have passed.

Gaming-wise, I've been staying at my grandmother's apartment for the better part of a month, so it's been difficult to play much. The extent of her gaming was pretty much limited to Candy Crush, Criminal Case, and various casino Facebook games. After hearing from someone about a free class giveaway, I ended up installing Glyph (Trion's launcher) and setting up Trove so I could take advantage of that and have something to play during my time here. I did have a Trove post in the works which would have been arranged for August 5, but that ended up being the start of her hospice. Hopefully I can get that finished and up at some point over the next couple days. I also have a Liebster post to get put up (mostly sketched up a draft in a notebook), and then likely look into getting my next tablet post written for next Tuesday.

Sorry for the off-the-cuff post here. I had nothing planned, but just wanted to put out something to try and re-momentumize my Blaugust swing of things. I know I have a nice backlog of posts to try and catch up on, so at least I can't complain of a lack of throne reading.

As I look around her apartment and start to see more empty spaces on the wall where various images and family pictures once hung, I think of how cool it is to have an Internet sort of family. We may instead use avatars, and while we may have different blood, we're all in this virtual world ride together. Plus we have our share of crazy aunts and uncles (and brother and sisters and...). Much love.

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  1. It's good to hear from you again, crazy nephew! I'm saddened by the news of your loss, but I'm glad you and your family made it to the last page of the story together.

    With love,
    Crazy uncle Fred