Liebster Madness! (Blaugust 15th)

Zyngor | Saturday, August 15, 2015
I wanted to thank Fredelas of Trail-food for Thought for the Liebster Award nomination, which strives to help people find new blogs to read, instead of doing their day job. Pretty much, a chain letter that I must answer, or some forlorn child may erupt from my monitor and strangle me in my sleep.

While Fredelas may be fairly new to writing in the blogosphere, he is by no means a stranger in the lands of the Interwebs. His charm and affinity for pie can be found everywhere, especially the lands of the 140-character blue birdies. Make sure to give him a follow, and enjoy the knowledge and company of a professional hobbit/gentleman hybrid. Just don't get between him and a pie!

I apologize for the wait in responding to the nomination, but I had other important matters that exceeded the priority of this Q&A. Anywho, the basic format for this thing is to first provide a small set of facts that may or may not be associated with myself. Next, delve into the questions provided by the tagger folk. Finally, provide a set of questions and nominate one or more people to keep the chain going.

To start, eleventy-one facts:

1. When I was young, I wanted to be a paleontologist. I later went on to get a degree in English, so I suppose I could either do a Michael Crichton thing, or write children's books about a T-rex wearing underpants. As long as Newman gets whacked, all good.

2. As a youngin', I was more afraid of that last big scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark then I was snakes.

3. For some time, I once worked on the official Zynga forums as a volunteer moderator for one of their discontinued titles. I believe it was shortly afterward that I penned my first character in Lord of the Rings Online, "Zyngor." The similarity is not a coincidence.

4. In 7th grade, I joined the track team and participated mostly in the sprint and shotput events (because the two mix together so well). This was not just the only year I did track, but the only year I have participated in school-related sports teams. I have also done soccer and baseball for local leagues.

5. Things aren't looking bright for the future when it comes to memory - I'm not even 30 yet, and I'll occasionally keep forgetting my age by a year.

6. I once went to a Kensington furniture store with my grandmother and family and filled all my knee-deep cargo short pockets with the free samples of candy. I still have a bit of a sweet tooth for the sugary delights, though I don't go heavy on the chocolates.

7. I once ran for class treasurer in middle school, reciting random money facts and spelling the longest word in the English language during my speech. Methinks I forgot a treasurer is actually supposed to be organized and good with math, and I lost the election.

8. I played the trumpet from late elementary school through the end of high school. I was an average player, but enjoyed marching band over concert band during my high school years. My college did not have football team, thus no marching band, and hence I did not continue.

9. Sometimes when I hear a loud garbage disposal, it messes with my mind, and I have to produce a matching tone for myself to equalize the noise.

10. Whenever I'm on a search engine like Yahoo or Bing, I tend to search for Google and go there instead. In the past, I was a fan of going to AskJeeves and asking questions that would elicit a silly response. Chrome remains my favored browser.

11. During a winter trip to New York City during my youth, my family went to FAO Schwarz (large toy store). I became lost while near the big step piano (the one in Big) and started freaking out until an employee helped me find my family. I'm pretty sure it was a planned drop-off that failed.

Next, Fredelas has devised an excellent set of questions to stump the normal passerby. I was no exception, but here we go...

Which one habit says more about you than you'd care to admit? Is it something you'd change?

I guess I'd have to say the tendency to snack a nibble on my fingernails. This habit is often associated with times of stress, and at times I won't even realize I'm doing it. For the sake of my fillanges, sure it's something I'd like to change. I've tried a couple times with various deterrents, but eventually I slip back into the need for some tasty keratin.

What's a game that you appreciate mostly as art, and another you just see as entertainment?

I think I see RIFT mostly just as entertainment. The story doesn't quite excite me so I don't really follow the text prompts, but it does have a multitude of nice core MMO systems in place to offer the player several means of character progression - both vertical (leveling and horizontal (Planar Attunement).

No games are coming to my mind that I appreciate mostly as art. Because I but so few, I suck what entertaining values I can out of the $$$ titles. On the F2P side, sometimes I'll try out some random titles like those suggested through PC Gamer, and some of those offer a more indie "stylized" experience than something functional on an actual gameplay level.

When you did you begin sporting your magnificent beard, & what prompted you to let it grow?

Well, next to other fellows like Sig, I would dare not call it magnificent. Its existence has claimed residence upon my visage since my latter teen years, in different evolutionary forms. While it may have started as a continually, baby-smoothed Squirtle, over time I was at War(tortle) with it.

Eventually, seeing how facial hair was the thing to do (or I was too lazy to continually clear all of it), I allowed a goatee to Blast(oise) upon my chinny-chin-chin. I still let it roam free, but if my Beardachu tries to evolve too much, I may occasionally give it the other electric stone.

Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?

Aren't you a little tall for a hobbit?

What you feel has been your luckiest moment in life so far?

I'd say the luckiest moment was the opportunity to attend college. This gave the chance to start off with something new, provided me with the means to become slightly more independent, plus I got to meet a lot of interesting people and make some great friends.

Oh, and studying stuff and doing scholarly things was a boon too. Honest!

What super power would you wish on your worst enemy?

I vaguely feel like this query arose from a Twitter hashtag. Anyways, I suppose I'd wish my worst enemy the uncontrollable ability to personally feel hateful/spiteful troll comments on the Internet. Because, Internet.

What's the furthest from home you've ever traveled? What were you most homesick for while you were away?

Unfortunately, this good question has a pretty boring answer. The furthest I've probably travelled is to Florida, from further up north on the same coast. No Well-Travelled title for me. As for homesick, I guess I'd say sick of there not being jellyfish and imminent hurricane storms to whack me (this was during one of my younger visits).

The other answer? One step to the right (all the way around the globe clockwise, minus one step). I was sure sick of that step!

Has a game ever made you cry?

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve. I tore mine in two, put one half in my left armpit, and the other on the sole of my right foot. I can't really remember the last time I physically expressed my emotions while playing a video game, unless you count the meek sigh of exasperation when I sat through a 30-minute segment of Hello Kitty Online.

The only time I'd likely cry is if I went for some marathon gaming session, and burned my eyes in the virtual rite of ocular sacrifice. Not uncommon given my poor vision.

Which flavor of ramen noodles is best? (less than 1k words)

Of the basic favors you're likely to find anywhere in the US, chicken is best. It truly allows the user to add all sorts of decadent delights to truly heighten the palette from dorm room slums to high class pompous royalty. Beef is for suckers, and oriental-flavor is for hipsters.

When available, I will go for Maruchan's Picante Chicken to provide that additional blend of fine spices and herbs which any 4AM snack demands.

I'm a sucker for chicken.

If you had to live inside a game world everyday for the rest of your life, which game would you pick?

If I had to live in a game world, I'd want to live in Candy Crush. All those delicious treats to eat, and I have extra (regenerating) lives should I succumb to a diabetic crash.

What have I got in my pocket?

Pie crumbs and a Landmark protractor.


Now, on to the nominations and questions! Alas, it feels I've come pretty late to the Liebster game, and most places I regularly visit have been slapped with this infection of information indigestion. One person I will nominate is one of my old LOTRO pals, Tomeoric, of TweakLOTRO. Secondly...I'm gunna do it...I nominate YOU! I'm pretty sure this goes against the rules, but hey, it's the Internet. That happens. Never got the Liebster hit? Now you got it!

1) Tell us a game (computer, console, board, outdoor) that almost always makes you happy while playing, regardless of outcome.

2) If you had one choice of food to solely eat for the rest of your life, regardless of normal dietary needs, what would it be?

3) Which piece of gaming equipment started off your hobby?

4) What is your favorite soda? Or, other drink?

5) If you were to travel across country, would you prefer to go by plane, train, or automobile? Steve Martin or John Candy?

6) Right or left Twix?

7) Name a strength of yours that helps define your online persona.

8) Which two combined gaming genres strikes your fancy the most? Ie Action & RPG, FPS & Strategy... go wild.

9) Do you even ranch, bro?

10) If your life were a meme, what would the tagline read?

11) Which movie character/hero would you like to be, and why?

Please feel free to answer any of the above questions in the comments below! Introduce yourself, and Smaug the Magnificent may spare your life!


  1. I actually DO have crumbs in my pocket, but they're probably from a granola bar. (After acquiring foster kids, I've found granola bars are helpful for rewarding good behavior, like GET IN THE TRUCK, WE'RE GOING HOME RIGHT NOW.) And yes, I'm a bit sensitive about my unnatural height. It's bad enough banging my head on every doorway in the Shire, without everyone else laughing and pointing.

  2. "If your life were a meme, what would the tagline read?"

    I am going to lie and say its the meme of adding that Space Jam song to everything else. Murf Versuslam Remix