Mike | Thursday, July 12, 2007
Hey Blogger; long time, no type, eh? Man, it’s been awhile. The last time I did something I was a sophomore. Alas, I have moved up to junior status. Here are the classes I will be taking for the Fall ’07 semester (remember I am Professional Writing major/Communications minor):

EN280 – Creative Writing – Poetry, Prose
EN313 – Studies in Drama
COM125 – Media Design and Production
COM311 – Reporting and Newswriting for the Print Media
COM205A – Applied Communications – News/ Yearbook

I’m kind of excited for the Creative Writing class because it’s been awhile since I’ve done creative writing instead of professional, and this is a smaller P/F class with probably just English majors, so it should be a good outlet for my…er…”creative” writing. The other English class is part of major – it appears to be another fun lit course, so whoopee for that. Fortunately, I’ve had the professor before and he’s really nice so hopefully it goes along smoothly.

As for the Communications courses, the Production course seems interesting, and the professor was my freshman seminar professor, so hopefully it works out well. I do know the Comm Dept decided to be unique and use Macs for their building for their supposedly superior audio/video editing and those kinds of software, so I’ll need to learn that system (I’ve been brought up with PC). I write for the college newspaper, so hopefully I can actually learn the correct way to write in the Newswriting class. As for the Applied Comm, we are required to do 2 of: News/Yearbook, TV, and Radio, so I definitely chose this one first, and I’ll probably then choose TV and try to do something behind the scenes or whatever.

Next year I’ll be living in Brinser, which seems like the upperclassmen dorm. I’m not exactly sure what it offers that others don’t, but overall it seems like it’s good (especially since my girlfriend will be living on the floor below me!). My roommate is a really nice guy and a Music major, so he’ll probably be living in Zug (the music building) since I heard that’s where they chill.

As for this summer, I’ve been doing a great job at doing nothing productive. At some point I’m going to need to actually do something, but for the time being I’ve got the bumness down pat. Basically I’ve just been sleeping, gaming, using the Internet, or watching TV.

Basically I guess that’s it for now in terms of my life, so now I guess I’ll say a few words about 2 similar games, Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI.

This one I have played through and beat. Although I really have not played other games in the Final Fantasy series, this is definitely a good one. It’s the basic RPG-style game we all know and love. Turn-based, with plenty of vehicles to take you to different lands as you battle against the evil Exdeath. The big thing in this game, and probably the biggest plus, is the use of the job system (picture to the left). There are up to I believe 22 different jobs that you can pick from by the end of the game (you get a couple each time as you progress through the game), and each job has a special abilities which you can gain to add to your total list of abilities. Mix and match your abilities to create a unique set of characters, and go hither to fight the evil!

This one I also have beaten, and it was pretty good as well. At first I didn’t think I would enjoy it because I figured it’d take a lot to match up to the job system in FFV, but overall this was another nice play. There are not jobs in this one – to gain spells and whatnot, you need to pick up various summonable creatures placed in “Magirock” and equip one to a character for that character to eventually learn the spells available from that summon. So, to me, FFV seemed to emphasize skills, which this one seemed to emphasize spells (tip: have each character learn Ultima and you pretty much have the game in the bag).

Some quirks in this game was when there were times that the game forced you to split up your party (there was actually a sequence pretty early in the game that you have 3 different scenarios to complete with 3 different parties); I felt this constant splitting burdened me with character development, which is a major part of RPG’s. Still, this wasn’t too bad for me because near the end I took the extremist route and leveled everybody to 99 (and taught all spells to all characters *cough* Ultima *cough*), so enemies were a breeze.
Picture-wise; the one way above is basically just one of the many battles you'll be in. Also, just above is a little 4-picture montage. Top left shows one of the weird cutscenes with some fun language, top right is actually the final boss, bottom left shows the abilities screen with different catagories which are only open to specific characters(nothing much to show there), and bottom right is a pretty emo looking screen with a dead bird and one of the characters attempting to jump off a cliff (like I said, pretty weird cutscenes in this game)

Oh ya, another thing I did like about this game was that basically every item had a description so I knew what it did. I think if I remember FFV had some times when I didn’t know what an item would do. Overall, I do certainly recommend this as another decent FFV experience.
Well journal, I guess I’ll get going now. It’s possible I may start to use this blog more, but don’t expect daily updates or anything. There may be times that I’d just use this as a normal blog, and not as a gaming blog since I don’t just play a game then play another game then play another game then play another game…ok that was complete BS of course that’s what I do. Still, I don’t always feel like saying anything about some of them. Well…I shall peace out now so you can go do something productive with your life; lates.

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