Just another summer day

Mike | Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Hey there, I just decided to post here for probably no apparent reason. Whatev. Anywho, it's a pretty nice day outside (as usual). I did take a walk to Eckerd to pick up some prescriptions, and I stopped at Rita's on the way home since I havn't had any of their water ice this summer yet. I got myself something like Tropical Melon or something, and of course it was pretty good. My mom had some work done on her mouth, so I was helping my dad in taking care of her for the rest of the day - pretty much gave me a chance to be on the computer all day and just randomly surf the web. Maybe I'll watch a movie later or something; I do have a small list of some movies I wanna see (I also wanna see the 1st and only season of "Freaks and Geeks" since I saw the first episode last year in Psych and enjoyed it).

In terms of gaming, I don't really have much to share at this point. At some point, I did start a game called "Tales of Phantasia" for SNES (an RPG), and it's pretty interesting I guess. The battles are real-time and it isn't turn-based. You actually need to move and walk and attack your opponents yourself, which kind of makes it like a 3rd-person action RPG or whatever. You can see a screenie there of just a random battle I photo'ed (I just did it, but I would have tried to screenie a more impressive battle if I had the time), so you can see the graphics are also pretty interesting. I don't think I have gotten really far into it, but I probably like turn-based ones like the FF series a bit better.
Well, I mostly made this post just to make a post and to check up since I had previously left my blog dead for a couple of months without update. I'll try to check in a bit more frequently (maybe like once a week or whatever), and I guess we'll just see how things go. Hope all (read: if there are any) readers are having a good summer - I'll ttyl peace.

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  1. You have at least one reader!

    Mmm...Italian ice :P

    11 days!

    That's all!

    Love and randomness,