Twas the Night Before Blaugust

Zyngor | Friday, July 31, 2015

Twas the night before Blaugust, when all through the web
Not a hashtag was stirring, not even for some celeb.
The keyboards were cleaned by compressed air with care,
In hopes that August soon would be there.

The bloggers were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of frantic posting danced in their heads.
Their family, unrealized of what was to come,
Those who did may have thought their loved one was dumb.

When out in the blogosphere there arose such a clatter,
I rushed to my bookmarks to see what was the matter.
Scrolled to the Nook and clicked in a flash,
The page finally loaded, thank god it didn't crash.

What I saw next amazed me to the core,
Blog posts were spilling in, a reading galore.
A whole crew of bloggers were making this work,
While the Internet was continuing its usual quirk.

With these entries coming in, so lively and dear,
I knew in a moment Blaugust was here!
More rapid than Top Ramen, in they came,
Users making posts about their favorite game.

"Now Day One! Now, Day Two! Now, Day Three and Day Four!"
Bloggers keeping with the pace, and posting even more!
My reader was filled with entries to peruse,
A whole month of crazed blogging, there's nothing to lose.

My Twitter was exploding with hashtags and frivolity,
Folks writing in on these blurbs filled with quality.
Retweets and favorites and replies en masse
From every puppy-dogged man and every sugary-spiced lass.

And then, in a nanosecond, I saw in a tweet,
A brief, 140-character message so sweet.
As I cocked in my head, and perused the text,
It was Belghast cheering us on, not at all vexed.

This man was our muse, our beloved creator,
Who delivered this challenge, an Internet waiter.
A bundle of prompts he had flung on his back,
For those who had felt they were going off track.

His cues - how they helped! His advice - how merry!
His writing so eloquent, his words like a cherry!
His issued some rules to keep things going straight,
"Please follow them well, and all shall be great."

So the bloggers kept posting, day after day,
Some felt just fine, others were in dismay.
Schedules were altered to think a point through,
"Eh? Who needs a shower? I got a post to do!"

Ideas were bounced off among users' blogs,
This kept things flowing like a machine's cogs.
Amidst the craziness of posting date by date,
Comments were shared, like "This is great!"

Some schedules broke, others stood strong,
Some posts were short, others were long.
It didn't matter who'd win or who'd lose,
The blogosphere was stronger, no singing the blues.

And as August wrapped up, the folks gave a cheer,
Drank sodas in merry, perhaps even a beer.
But a common shout arose in such a fine crew,
"Happy Blaugust to all, the insanity is true!"


  1. This is awesome! Bookmarked this for motivation when I need it later this month. ;) Happy Blaugust!

  2. Thank you - Happy Blaugust! May the odd days and the even days be ever in your favor!