'Twas the Night Before Finals

Mike | Friday, April 16, 2010
So I found this original poem, sans a stanza and a half which I jotted tonight, resting in the back of some notebook I must have had at college one year. Although it's not pertinent to me anymore, I'm sure some of you may be feeling the cool sting of finals.

'Twas the Night Before Finals

'Twas the night before finals, the tensions were high,
Some had notes and books piled straight to the sky.
The library was jammed, every book and cranny taken,
Students struggled to find a spot that was even slightly forsaken.

The occasional student ran through the campus,
Their mind was warped, a frightful abyss.
Others just sat down and banged on their head,
In hoping this action would smart 'em up instead.

Some students scratched their head, trying to think,
Wishing they'd rather go out for a drink.
The sighs and the groans from inside a dorm,
As their brains pulsated, trying to transform.

The food store was swarmed with students, bellies weak,
All grabbing Doritos, candy - any junk food they could seek.
The shelves were soon empty, the fervent horde wanted more,
Zombie-like, the gaggle tried going door-to-door.

The professors laughed wildly, the tests have been written,
Their eyes gleaming brightly, knowing some will be smitten.
Back on campus, students finally crash,
After studying like it was the 100-yard dash.

Dreams of the answers float through their mind,
Hoping they can get through tomorrow's grind.
And all 'round the campus, a hush whisper will speak,
"Good luck on those finals, cause they'll all be in Greek."

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