So not for the Lulz...

Mike | Tuesday, July 08, 2008
What a surprise, temporarily abandoned once again. I so sorry! It's not like I try to ignore you, el bloggie, I just don't make updates. Simple enough.

Still unemployed, where is the summer going?!?!?! Anybody wanna hire me out to play WoW for them while they are out on the real world? No? Ok...

At the moment, nothing much is going on. Dealing with the various bug bites and poison ivy I've gotten from outdoor work, while trying to deal with the el parentinos indoors. A bum really has it tough these days...that sonofabeeswax opportunity likes to try and knock. I'd rather not answer the door.

On the good side, my gf is coming to visit at the end of next week, just in time to see the season premieres of Monk and Psych, woopie! Good times...

In the gaming world, Blizzard Entertainment has announced their newest title...Diablo 3! Now comes the fun part when people try to guess the rest of the new classes (the two announced include the Barbarian and Witch Doctor). Each class will have the option to choose male or female, as I assumed. I think I'll probably pick it up when it comes out, and maybe hold out on Starcraft 2 for awhile, as RTS isn't really a strength of mine.

Since last post here, I have played plenty of games, some of which I was going to make a blog post about. However, that requires a certain amount of work - a tough plexiglass notion to crack. I think the first game would have been Earthbound, a pretty unique NES RPG title starring good 'ol Ness. No, you aren't fighting orcs or demonic equestrians. Enemy fights include piles of puke, diverse UFO's, dinos, and little puff ball enemies that were the main source of my experience gain. Wield such weapons as baseball bats, frying pans, and crazy gadgets to defeat your enemies. With enough PSI power, decimate your opponents with fire, cold, and mind. The games heroes - Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo (Prince Poo to be more exact), will travel through urban areas, desert, and even prehistoric times to defeat Giygas. Most important, honor thy Mr. Saturn. Enjoy.

Anyways, finally getting a haircut tomorrow after who knows how many months with a mop on my head. Wohoo. Since I'm a bit too excited right now, I'm gunna call it quits. Who knows, maybe I'll even do another update within a month!


  1. The end of next week can't soon, enough hon! Yay for updates!

  2. *can't come soon enough...I'm so excited, I can't type, teehee