Post-Bday Post

Mike | Monday, October 22, 2007
Hey all, I'm just making a quick post here. Yesterday was my birthday, and it was fun and good times, yupp. Not only was it my birthday; it was my 21st. Yikes.

I'm not the drinker type, but I did have a drink with dinner just out of tradition sakes. Yes, it was some kind of drink that had fruit and alcohol (I think some kind of Bacardi or some kinda rum). I realize one could call me a girl because it had fruit and alcohol, but I didn't want something that would taste nasty or whatever.

After dinner I had a movie date with my gf (we watched Airplane because she got it for me and it is a great movie). Also, I got a new digital camera from my parents, and a voice recorder from my sister (I write for my college paper so it helps with interviews). Also a cookie cake, so I have something to eat while writing papers at 2 in the morning. 'Twas a good day overall, and now I'm legal funnn.

Anyways, now it's 364.25 days til my birthday, or something like that. Start the countdown... =P

Peace out all; lates.


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