Spring Break

Mike | Saturday, March 10, 2007
Hmm, so it has been awhile since I've made a blog post; I've been on Spring Break this week so I guess I was just too bored to make a post. Yeh....tis a boring Spring Break this year. Most of the time I was either sleeping, playing a game on the computer, or watching tv.

I made myself a list of a couple of movies I wanted to make sure I watched On Demand, including Chronicles of Narnia, Stay Alive, Final Destination 3, and to be honest I already forget the other movies I had on my list. I still watched a bunch of other movies like RV and whatnot (watched that the first night with a pizza). Yeh, so basically I once again made a waste of my Spring Break, and as it comes to a close I face all the work I probably should've done but didn't do for next week. They really like to load us up on the goodies, eh? Oh well, I can take a couple of all-nighters if I need them to do crap. Tis the life, but still yucky work I'd rather not do.

I really havn't done a lot of gaming this break; I think the most I did was some Diablo II (played the mod Median 2008) and some Stepmania - I'll try to write a little something on both down the road in a later blog post, but both are great games. I did a couple of sudoku puzzles because those things are pretty fun, and also I tried to see if I could get any plans going for rooming situations next year (forms for apartments due soon this month), but no definite plans thusfar.

I had my "last supper" tonight, the ever awesome taco meal. I believe I took down 9 of those bad boys, edging my mom out by 2 (although she always says "It's not a contest," but I showed her eh?). There are plenty of things I should've gotten done this break that I didn't do, such as job searching, doing some financial aid stuff, and trying to help my dad with starting a website, but oh well I can be a bit on the lazy side and I was too busy being bored already.

Well, I guess I'll get heading off; I go back to school tomorrow so I'm excited to see my girlfriend and other friends again, and hopefully I can survive the workload I'll have in the upcoming week, as well as all of the other things I need to get done. Lata gata.

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