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Mike | Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Hello World. Can anybody read me?

My name is Mike, I am 20 years old, and while I am not new to the world of blogging (I used to have a LiveJournal, but eventually got rid of that), I am new to this blog. Okies, so what shall I say....what shall I say....

Ah, well as you can probably read in the profile (if you can't read, you'd probably have trouble asking if you can), I am a Professional Writing major at Elizabethtown College in (surprise!) Elizabethtown, PA. I decided to make this journal simply because I do enjoy writing, but I don't think I really do enough writing that I really should be doing. Also, I like the idea of an electronic journal to share what I wish to share; I am not adverse to technology, I embrace it.

As it goes with the title of this blog, I am indeed also a gamer. The clarification I should make is that I may play games for awhile at a time, but I do not really consider myself a "hardcore" gamer in that I do not eat, breathe, and live games 24/7. I also do not have like a million games to choose from - I try to go with cheaper (or free - free is good) games. I am mostly a PC gamer, but I have done some console (mostly the smaller ones, ie Nintendo and whatnot - no next-gen consoles) gaming. Also, I play games more for the fun experience and thus I am (say it....say it...) pleasant (there we go!) in my gaming. As many studies show how people that play violent video games and not really punished for it become violent, I do not consider myself a violent person at all. I am a well-mannered, nice/kind individual, and I am usually in a pretty good mood. Oh ya, also I do not play World of Warcraft (although I did play a 14-day trial; wow I had no life for those 2 weeks...)

I actually need to cut this short because I am working on Psychology homework for tomorrow, but I'll try to maybe say more stuff about me and my life later on.

Just a note that while the title leads it to believe I will just be talking about gaming, I'll try to expand it out and make it more of a general blog in terms of content (although I will most likely end up talk about something game-related in it at some point).

Thank you for allowing me to enter the world of this blog, and I hope I am able to effectively use it to say what's going down in the world of this gamer.

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